In Paladins, there are currently 45 playable champions. 45 champions is a whole lot of champions to play through in order to find the best of the best. If you’re looking for the best playable champions, we’re going to give you a helping hand …this way, instead of trying to find which ones are the best, you can jump right in and hopefully choose the champion.


At one point in time, Dredge was a fearsome pirate. However, his eyes were much bigger than his luck because when he took a relic, it destroyed his ship and he sunk down to the bottom of the ocean. The Abyss got involved in the scenario, and now he is undead. Dredge is a strong damage dealer and is capable of cutting down any other champion who gets in his way. He can summon tentacles to rip through the fabric that is reality and inflict a large amount of damage.


Androxus has a history too – he was a lawman of the Outer Tribunal circuit judges. Unfortunately, he was cursed and is now hungry 24/7 …and not for food – he’s hungry for souls. He’s a great flank champion who does epic damage with his revolver. He can skip around using Nether Step and quickly close gaps, or escape. His ulti (Accursed Arm) allows him to quickly trash an enemy team.


On Paladins, Drogoz is a wingless wyrin (a smaller version of a wyvern) – at one point in time, he could be found playing a second fiddle to an angry dragon. Using a pair of mechanical wings, he managed to escape servitude and went about his own greed-fueled spree. If you choose Drogoz as your champion on Paladins, you’ll be on a champion with high mobility – he can both hover and fly. He has a rocket launcher that he uses to send major damage to the opposing team and with Salvo, he can bombard enemies. Drogoz is a force to be reckoned with as he can one-shot an enemy simply by punching them.


We’d be crazy not to include Makoa on this list of the best champions in Paladins. There was a time when Makoa used to protech his island, but then he was summoned in war against the Magistrate. Makoa dreams of the day he can return back to his peaceful island and hopes the volcanoes haven’t taken it over. This is a front-line champion who does a great job at soaking up damage and helping his team. His ulti deals a large amount of damage, while at the same time increasing his maximum health. Makoa is a good tank to have on your side, which is why he is one of the best champions in Paladins.


While there are many other great champions in Paladins, these are 5 champions that you should try out first. Once you have given these 5 champions a go, you can try out the others.

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