You are an exile – you are one of the thousands that have been tossed out in the middle of a barbaric wasteland to fend for themselves. Watch where you go, because as you travel, you’re besieged by enemies at every corner and pushed into sandstorms that wreak havoc across the land. Conan Exiles officially left early release on May 8, 2018. During this time, there were quite a few bugs …bugs that caused players to walk away from the game. The question is – what’s the status of the game today? Has the game improved since launch?

When Conan Exciles was released on the Xbox, we couldn’t wait to start playing it, because we heard so many good things about it. When it was first released, there were so many bugs that needed to be worked out, but we saw that the game did have potential, so we moved forward with it, even though we had to work some magic just to get out of the desert in the beginning of the game (it would continuously crash). After some time, we put the game down and decided we would come back once the game had been polished out a bit more.

Today, Conan Exciles is so much more than it started out – the game has definitely improved since launch, because now it is playable!

Hunt Animals and Grow Crops

If you have a craving for some meat (translation, if you’re tired of your character going hungry), you can go out and hunt animals. Bring the meat home and roast it on an open fire, so you and your clan can enjoy fully cooked meat.

If you’re up to it, and farming is your type of thing, then you can grow crops, which will provide plenty of food for your adventures.

Build Settlements

The building aspect of the game is pretty cool. In the beginning of the game, you’ll want to build a little shelter to survive in, but in due time, you’ll want to officially settle down and this is when the fun really starts because when it comes to building in this game, the sky is the limit. With all of the building blocks at your fingertips, you can let your imagination run wild and build pyramids, castles, or whatever your little heart desires.

So Much to Do

In Conan, there is so much you can do – it goes deeper than building. You’re walking on a land of vengeful gods, vicious monsters, bloodthirsty cannibals, and your survival relies on much more than food and water. You can go out and explore mysterious ruins – ruins that hold knowledge and treasure, just be careful because when you’re out and about, you risk being corrupted by the dark forces.

Final Words

Long story short, yes, Conan Exiles has improved since it first launched, and for those of you that put the game down because of the crashes, we encourage you to give it another try. Conan Exiles is anything but an empty sandbox – as you struggle to build your own civilization, you will be discovering the secrets and knowledge of the ancient civilizations.

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