Drake Hollow is a game that has been developed by The Molasses Flood – for an Indie game, the amount of content it has really surprised us. There are base building components, survival elements, and RPG-lite progression systems all combined into one.

Right now, the game is available on Xbox’s Game Pass and we can see it become an Indie multiplayer staple. However, while the features work wonders on their own, when they’re combined together, they are a bit difficult. Mind you; it doesn’t take away from the fun of the game, but it boils down to the case of it being too much of a good thing, chasing off potential players who don’t have a clue about the game. That’s where this review comes into play – we want to enlighten you guys and let you know that the game really is worth playing

The Story

The Story behind Drake Hollow is quite interesting. You’ll be witnessing the story of a fully customizable character as they make their way to the Hollow – the Hollow is a land that is in a different dimension and is nothing like our own land. This land is populated by adorable creatures and Drakes that need the help of the protagonist in order to survive.

As you play the game, you will need to build shelters for these cute little creatures as well as other forms of entertainment so that they don’t die.

It wouldn’t be a real video game if it didn’t have enemies, and trust us, Drake Hollow has its fair share of enemies in it. In opposition to the Drakes and player, there are shadow creatures that will come out and attack bases as they roam the Hollow.

Fighting Against the Creatures

When it comes time to fight against the creatures in Drake Hollow, this is where the real challenge is going to come into play, even if the combat system in the game isn’t exactly complex or unique. You will start out with a melee weapon and will be able to perform standard attacks against the enemies you encounter.


Mastering the Bow

When it comes to mastering the bow, there’s a level of precision that is required, but it’s worth it because the bow is one of the best weapons in the game. With time, weapons do wear down, and you will need to replace them or repair them by collecting materials in the game.

Building Mechanic

The building mechanic of Drake Hollow is also enjoyable – there’s just something exciting about being able to build up a community for cute little creatures to dance around in. Mind you; the building mechanics aren’t unique and are similar to the building mechanics in other games like Minecraft, but they do seem fresh. Once you have your communities built, you will need to defend them from the shadow creatures.


Drake Hollow is a game that is beautiful to look at, highly polished and the gameplay is phenomenal. This game is also playable with up to three friends, so go ahead, grab some friends and start playing! If you enjoy survival games, then you’re going to like this one.