We all know that the best source of Legendary armor and weapons in Fallout 76 is from the cold lifeless bodies of the Legendary enemies that spawn in limited locations across the map. This is great, however considering the random number generated-based nature of these Legendaries, it’s never guaranteed you’re going to walk away with something good. You can take those unwanted Ghoul Slayer weapons over to the Purveyor and turn them into scrip to try your chances.

If you really want to get something, you need to farm …and we’re not talking about farming corn. With farming in Fallout 76, you log in and proceed to a location, or to where a special event that spawns a Legendary has a chance to pop up. From there, you continue to do the job you set out to do and takedown that star-laden enemy and pry the look from their remains.

Farming involves a lot of lather, rinse, and repeat type scenarios. To improve your chances of getting something amazing, here are the best areas for legendary farming …

The Charleston Capital Building

Looking at the Charleston Capitol Building and seeing it overrun by super mutants and ghouls, it’s hard to believe that it was once a seat of government.

What’s good about farming here is that there is a large number of enemies in this area, and with that said, there’s always a good chance for a Legendary enemy to spawn.


Watoga Emergency Services

It’s common to run across a Legendary Enemy on the second floor of Watoga Emergency Services. Once you kill it and loot it, relog and go to another server. From here, you will use the lather, rinse, and repeat scenario.

On the rooftop of this building, you can also find power armor chassis with T-series armor, go ahead and pick it up if you haven’t already.

Harper’s Ferry

At one point in time, Harper’s Ferry was a big trading hub, until the Scorchbeast took it over. What’s great about farming at Harper’s Ferry is that there is a lot of exterior and interior locations for you to roam through. There are a couple of Legendary enemies that spawn here as well.


One Violent Night – Event

One Violent Night is an event that takes part in the Sons of Dane compound. During this event, you need to make a whole lot of noise with the musical instruments and draw as much attention from the nearby enemies as you possibly can. Keep this up and you will eventually kill the Nightstalker, which is the Legendary Wendigo. The real reward during the One Violent Night event is a guaranteed Legendary spawn and on top of this, you’ll walk away with some decent XP because of all the enemies you killed during the event.

Scorched Earth – Event

It’s time to go up against the Scorchbeast Queen! It’s the final battle. Unless you’re an ultimate god of Fallout, you will need to bring a crowd along with you for this. Luckily, if you’re playing on a public server during prime-time, chances are, there will already be a crowd gathered around this world event.

Farming this event isn’t easy – a player will need to land a nuke on Fissure Site Prime. On top of the Scorchbeast Queen, there are other Legendary enemies that tend to show up in this area, but the queen herself is more than enough as she will have plenty of loot to go around.

Final Words

When looking for the best places and events to farm Legendary creatures on Fallout 76, stick to this list and you’ll get your fair share of the loot. Remember, if you get starred-items, and you don’t care for them, you can trade them in for legendary points – obtain enough legendary points and you can use them to obtain three-star items.

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