Season 6 of Apex Legends was released on August 18, 2020, and with this release, we witnessed Rampart (a new character we have been waiting for) emerge. Each season, a new character is released with Apex, and personally, we feel that there is a larger audience for these characters than there is for Overwatch characters these days, but we’re not trying to start any arguments here.


Who is Rampart?

Rampart, or per se, Ramya Parekh debuted in Season 6 of Apex. Apparently, she builds her reputation in underground gauntlet circuits and runs her own modding shop.

Rampart is basically a builder that is focused towards defensive encampments. She’s a defensive legend that is capable of creating heavily armored protective barriers for the team to hide behind. With her abilities, specifically Amped Cover, the team is able to continue dealing damage on the enemy team.

Rampart also has the ability to deploy her Emplaced Minigun, which she calls Shiela. Sheila is her ulti, and not only is she able to deploy one for herself, she can also deploy an additional two (that’s one for each squadmate).

Her passive, modded Loader, transforms the minigun and LMG’s into even deadlier weapons that can deal a whole lot of damage.

Rampart’s Skills

Passive Ability – Modded Loader: With modded loader, Rampart will have an increase in her magazine capacity. In addition, when she uses her minigun and LMG’s, her realoads/recharge will be faster, which is definitely an advantage.

Tactical Ability – Amped Cover: Rampart’s tactical ability is one of the many reasons why you would like this legend. She can build a wall that you can crouch behind – this wall will block incoming enemy fire and amps up those outgoing shots.

Ultimate Ability – When Rampart uses her ultimate ability, you’ll surely know about it. She places down a mounted machine gun that anyone on her team can use. This mounted machine gun of destruction has a high ammo capacity, but there is a long reload time, which can seem like a downfall.

Overall, Rampart seems to have a solid kit, which makes her a likable legend. Personally, we love the passive of having faster reloads on those bigger guns and a larger magazine size. Amped Cover is also very good when you consider the fact that it adds a boost to the team shots that go through it – this combined with block damages makes it good.

Mind you; some Apex players aren’t really all that thrilled with Rampart’s gun encampment, because having a mounted turret in a game that is about traversal and fast movement is a bit counter-intuitive if you ask us.

Final Thoughts

As you see, there is a lot to like about this new Apex character. Also with her arrival comes crafting! Through the crafting table, you can make your own supplies and gear as you advance through the match.

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