The game (Marvel’s Avengers) many Marvel fans have been waiting for has finally arrived! Marve’s Avengers offers a new live service experience (a trend that was made popular by Destiny and Division) – you will get the opportunity to walk in the shoes of an iconic hero from the Marvel series. What’s really cool is each hero will have their own distinct abilities and skills. In the game, you will be working together to save the world and take down an evil organization.

Is Marvel’s Avengers worth playing? Let’s see what it’s all about …

Collecting Loot and Leveling Characters

While you’re playing this game, you’ll be collecting loot and leveling up characters as you progress towards the endgame. As we played through this game, it was hard for us to ignore just how similar it was to Destiny.


A Look at the Characters

As we previously stated, each hero has their own set of skills, and learning how each one operates can be rewarding. They all have skill trees that you will work your way through as you play the game.

Captain America – Captain America is a speedy fighter that can bounce his shield between enemies.

Hulk – It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Hulk is a melee hero – he has a wide reach and can wipe waves of enemies.

Iron Man – Iron Man is capable of taking his combat up to the skies and raining down his chaos from the air.

Black Widow – Black Widow has a grappling hook that she can use and her dual pistols get the job done.

Thor – Thor brings down the thunder as he tosses Mjolnir (the hammer of Thor) around.

Play with Friends

Marvel’s Avengers can be played with friends (that’s great news) – you can play with up to four people. However, Marvel’s Avengers doesn’t offer couch co-op local multiplayer. In order to play with friends, you will need to connect through online network services like Xbox Live and PSN


    • Various characters to choose from, each having their own set of skills.
    • The ability to power up your characters as you progress in the game.
    • A solid foundation for Crystal Dynamics to build off of.
    • Super fun


The mission structure – The mission structure can feel a bit repetitive, but in our book, that is okay, because the game is still fun.

Final Words

Marvel’s Avengers is a pleasant surprise, especially if you’re a fan of the Marvel series. Its live service is a lot like Destiny, and that’s perfectly fine. The rewarding progression and engaging combat combined have established a solid foundation that Crystal Dynamics can easily build off of by adding new scenarios and new heroes in the months to come. How these new additions are done will decide the future of this game but right now, this is an adventure that is worth going on.

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