Smite is packed full of familiar mythological names like Medusa, Hercules, and Zeus. Smite is the type of game that if you love MOBA’s, you’re not going to want to put it down. While my choice of console for Smite is the Xbox One, this game is also available for Microsoft Windows and the Playstation 4.


With Smite, you will be able to pick your favorite mythical gods join session-based arena combat, use custom powers, and use team tactics against non-player controlled minions as well as gods controlled by live players.




Gods in Smite

The term “Gods” is used when referring to the playable characters in this game. There are heroes, deities, immortals, and mythical creatures from ancient mythology. At the time of writing this, there are 111 playable gods in Smite.

Game Comparison

If you like games such as League of Legends, and Heroes of the Storm, then Smite will be right up your alley. If you’re an LoL player looking for a slightly different experience, then this would be the game to go to.

Game Modes

There are different game modes you can play in Smite – they’re separated into five groups. Before we look at the game modes, I’d like to explain the game types.

Practice – With this game type, you’re basically going through the main tutorial. In practice mode, you can test characters and practice your skills.

Co-Op – This game type contains cooperative versions of most of the game modes.

Normal – This game type contains Arena, Conquest, Joust, Clash, Assault, Match of the Day, and Siege.

Custom – With this type, you can create your own custom matches.

Ranked – This is where the competitive action is. Here, you will experience competitive versions of Conquest, Joust, and Duel game modes. If you have mastered a specific amount of gods and have reached level 30, then ranked play will be available.

Overview of the Game Modes

Joust – This is a cool game mode – this one only has one lane with one town and a Phoenix sitting on each side. It consists of three players on a set of two teams. It’s similar to Conquest (we’ll explain that in a second) as there’s a Titan on each team’s base, along with a jungle boss. The team that can defeat this creature will receive a buff and the nearest structure of the opposing team will be eliminated.

Conquest – This is the main mode of Smite. This mode is played with two teams with a total of five players on each side. The main objective here is to eliminate the opposing team’s titan. Ranked League Conquest mode is super fun, you should give it a try once you have some skill.

Arena – This is a 5v5 game mode that is played with minions and side-objectives. Instead of having lanes in this mode, the map is open. You have minions spawning on both sides and attempting to cross the portal – the portal is at the starting point of each base. Each team begins with five hundred tickets and needs to reduce the other team’s ticket count all the way down to zero. You do this by killing the opposing team’s players and minions, or by transporting your friendly minions into the enemy portal.

Assault – With this game mode, each player will be assigned a god (this is random). If you don’t like the god, then you can try to swap it with other players, or choose the “re-roll” option. In this game mode, the ability to recall has been disabled. So, you must die in order to purchase items. It’s a lot like the Conquest objective – you destroy the other team’s Phoenix, towers, and their Titan.

Siege – This is a game mode that is similar to Conquest. You will be playing on a map that has two lanes, and each lane will have two towers, a Phoenix, and a Titan. There’s also a jungle in between the two lanes. It’s different from Conquest in a way that there is not a lot of emphases placed on gathering experience/gold in order to become stronger. To gain strength, there’s the Siege Juggernaut – this is twice as fast and more resistant than the traditional minions and it will deal bonus damage to structures. You need to fill the counter to 100 points and there are a variety of ways to do this. You can kill the enemy minions (you get one point per kill), kill enemy players (five points per kill) or clear the neutral camps (nine points each).

Clash – This is another 5v5 game mode that features a map with two lanes. Each lane has a tower and a Phoenix. The main goal in this mode is to eliminate the enemy objectives, this includes a Titan. In this mode, you have the Gold Fury and Fire Giant bosses.

Dual – Yes, this is a 1v1 game that you play on the Joust map. This mode is only available in ranked gameplay.


If you haven’t given Smite a try yet, we highly recommend it. This is the game where the familiar mythological gods will smite you, so you need to keep your eyes open and stay on your toes.

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